Giant Cupcake

These giant cupcakes are 3 layers of your desired cake, icing, and filling, set in a chocolate case. Feel free to request any desired decoration. You can also pair your giant cupcake with matching normal size cupcakes for a bigger celebration. Order your giant cupcake filled with your choice of candy for a piñata effect after slicing. Leave me a detailed message at checkout explaining your desired cake flavor ,filling, icing, and decoration.    


These image are of a rose bouquet giant cupcake with matching normal size cupcakes, and also a "Hello Kitty Garden Tea Party" giant cupcake with matching regular size cupcakes topped with a flower and Hello Kitty bow.


Although the cake may be layered in your desired flavored icing. For the best decorating results, any icing decorations must be done in buttercream.  

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